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Auto Coolant Servicing Five Important Factors You Must Know

- Saturday, January 10, 2015

Until things go wrong, we do not realize the importance of our vehicle’s coolant system. Auto coolant has a very important role in keeping your engine running without damages. Most of us ignore the need for regular auto coolant service. If this sounds like one of your follies then here are some important factors that you must know about auto coolant service so that you can respond in a timely fashion whenever there should be issues with your car’s cooling system.

1. Auto coolant protects your engine from overheating. It might be a very simple mechanism but without a fully functional cooling system, serious damages could be caused to your car’s engine. Sometimes the hoses that carry the coolant to the engine under high temperatures may have been damaged or worn. Without coolant, the engine may seize under high temperatures. Around the car’s engine, other car parts are closely packed, so when the engine’s temperature increases, other components around the engine including electrical wiring, fuel pump and other sensors could be damaged. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to take your vehicle to a repair shop for auto coolant service.


2. One of the problems why most car owners fail to take their vehicle for auto coolant service regularly is that they are not sure how frequently their vehicle’s cooling system requires attention. This however depends on the nature of the coolant used by your car manufacturer. There are different types of coolants in the market; if your car manufacturer has used long-life coolants then you may not require frequent auto coolant service. However, if what you have is not long-life coolant, then you may have to go in for regular servicing and checkup once every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.


3. When you take your vehicle for coolant top up or cooling system checkup, make sure to do an overall checkup of your vehicle. A full work up can catch any other problems that are likely to happen and prevent damages to your vehicle. With everything working properly, the vehicles coolant system can optimally operate.


4. Always take your vehicle to a trusted and experienced repair shop so that you receive reliable auto coolant service. At times, there could be other minor problems resulting in your car’s over heating issues. This can be identified only by an experienced technician. Your vehicle’s overheating problems will not be fully resolved even after coolant top up or after coolant service until the other factors contributing to your vehicle’s over heating issues are addressed.


5. Most importantly, as soon as you notice that your vehicle is overheating try to stop your car in a safe place and get help. Do not ignore the issue and continue to drive thinking that you could make it to your destination. This could prove to further damage your vehicle that may lead to time consuming and expensive repairs.

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