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Rely on J-Mac Radiator of Utah Auto Coolant Service for New Radiators

- Thursday, December 11, 2014

A radiator is a good companion of your car engine for ensuring the smooth running of your vehicle. Most good things come in pairs, and your car engine is no different with finding a suitable companion in the radiator. If there is anything that can offer the engine an efficient cool-down process, then it is radiator that gives a soothing solution to its fiery companion. A radiator is the first part in the engine that right away follows the front grille in the car. It resembles a network of lean pipes with a top opening and a fan placed behind. Being a vital part of your car, it is pertinent to select an automotive provider that is renowned for offering clients the most appropriate salt lake radiators.

It is pertinent that you get new radiators that meet the standards of OEM quality. It is necessary to choose a top-tier service provider that has been widely recognized for stocking varied models of brand new radiators in its warehouse. Your preferred service provider should also be conversant with the fixing and replacing of radiators for at least a period of 20 years. It is necessary that you detect a problem in your car if it overheats. If you track a problem with your car heater or detect an error in the cooling system, then all you can do is to take your automobile to certified technicians who are profound with troubleshooting and repairing tasks. It is necessary that you get your radiators replaced from a professional radiator replacement shop.


A formidable Utah Auto AC cooling service can prevent your car from overheating. With an appropriate coolant system service, you can have your engine operating smoothly through pedigree professionals that are trained with maintenance and repair. Specialized setups go into the details to offer car owners the most appropriate flush and removal of all the rust and sludge that can hamper vehicle’s coolant system. A professional Utah auto coolant service can add life to the hoses, while renewing the lifespan of heater core, thermostat, water pump, and radiator, among other car accessories. Scales can reduce the vehicle’s operating temperature drastically, ultimately causing its cooling system to falter. Professional cooling services can ensure that old solvents in the car are suitably drained off, to be added with new flushing agents and water.


A professional car service provider can also help customers have their car’s heater core and hoses power flushed after the thermostat is changed. Replacing clamps and getting the hoses re-fixed is also an essential functionality that every professional auto cooling service provider has to carry out. Having the leaks thoroughly checked is also an important task that specialty radiator service setups carry out. Hire a Utah AC service that could offer you consistent repair and maintenance tasks done with perfection. It is imperative that you get your hose pipes checked on regular basis and with great articulation. Car has to be serviced timely to avoid unfortunate accidents. Research and find out the best auto repair shop in your town and give your car for service today!

Is It Time To Think About Radiator Maintenance?

- Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Do you get a physical every year or just wait until you’re REALLY sick to go to the doctor? It’s probably a little of both, but I’m sure you do a lot of preventative maintenance, like taking vitamins, eating healthy, and exercising, to keep your body healthy and to stay away from the doctor’s office.


Well, your car needs the same TLC that your body does! I’m sure you know about the basic types of maintenance that a car needs – your oil changed, your tires rotated, your windows cleaned, etc. – but what about your radiator? Do you ever check that? Maybe you should.


Regular radiator maintenance is an important and integral part of the overall “health” of your car. An engine’s cooling system is relatively simple when it comes to its design. Why? Well, it’s because your engine has to remain at a certain temperature in order to work properly otherwise you could have engine failure. So, knowing some basic radiator maintenance is absolutely essential for any who owns a vehicle.


What does your radiator do? Well, radiators keep your engine cool while it’s working and your car is working, driving you around from place to place. Radiators are like the “wingman” of your car’s engine. Without your radiator, your engine would not last through the cold nights and would easily overheat during simple drives.


Here are some simple tips you can use to maintain your radiator:

- Keep your radiator fluid filled! Coolant or radiator fluid should be used in a 50/50 mixture with water. You can purchase a pre-mixed bottle of 50/50 Coolant from your local auto repair shops.

- Make sure your radiator cap is on tight. Your radiator cap is designed to help keep your coolant system pressurized and to keep your coolant from boiling.

- At least once a year, an external radiator cleaning needs to be done. There are two options for this.

- You can use a hose with a nozzle and a soft nylon brush to clean the exterior of the radiator. Once your car is completely cool, gently brush the radiator fins, in the direction of the fins. When you’re finished brushing the fins, use your hose to rinse off the radiator by streaming the water from outside to inside.

- You can take your car to the staff at J-Mac Radiator and they’ll take good care of your radiator! They will clean your radiator’s exterior professionally.

- Lastly, it is important to flush and fill your radiator at least once a year. The professionals at J-Mac Radiator professionals recommend a flush and fill for winter called “winterization” for your car. 

Depending on how much you drive, you may need to have more than one flush and fill per year. Why is a flush and fill important? Simple! It is to ensure your cooling system will run well and won’t become clogged with lots of particulates. Over time, your car’s radiator can become blocked with debris from the engine that is cycled though the dirty coolant and will eventually completely clog the cooling system.

- There are two ways to flush and fill your radiator.

- You can flush and fill your radiator yourself. We’ve posted a blog earlier this year on how to do so.

- We recommend bringing your car into J-Mac Radiator. Our car care and radiator professionals will flush your radiator chemically and then by hand, in two directions with water. Then refill your radiator with the proper coolant you need and have your car ready for the ride of your life!

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